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Mistakes To Avoid When Teaching Your Child

As a parent one has to multitask, you have to be their teacher, mother, nurse and friend. During this process you might make mistakes and that’s how you will learn. Most parents change when they have multiple kids because they make sure that they don’t repeat the mistakes they made with their older child. Here are few mistakes you need to avoid when you are trying to teach your child. 

Leaving it on institutes  

One of the biggest reason behind a slow child is that the parents leave it on the school to teach their kids everything. Even the most reputed schools such as international school Thailand recommend parents to do lessons at home if they want their kids to be smart and be good in their studies. You need to have a strict timetable and make sure that every day at least for an hour you go through what your child studied at school and evaluate his/her performance. Based on this you could see if they need extra help such as tuition classes. Make sure you start this habit as soon as your child starts schooling. 

Pressurizing them too much 

Another common mistake made my parents is that they pressurize their child too much from a very young age to get the best and highest marks. You might be paying a lot of money and sending him/her to the best international school in Bangkok but this doesn’t mean that you can pressurize them to study all the time. Learn to balance it out, encourage them to study every day for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour and then let them spend the rest of their time playing sports or watching TV. You should also let them take part in extracurricular activities because they might have a talent in some sort of sports even if he/she is not extremely good in academic work. 

All about marks 

A good teacher is not someone who makes his/her student perform best in class, but is one who teaches them real life lessons. As a parent you have double the responsibility and so you have to teach them a lot of things other than performing well academically. You need to teach him/her the importance of telling the truth. Also let them make their own decisions, you could always give your point of view on things but as they grow older it is important to let them decide. This is because it will make them independent and make them responsible for their mistakes! 

So if you want to make sure that your child grows up to be a good human being then you need to avoid making the above mentioned mistakes. 

How The Top Candidate Finding Firm Selects Its Candidates

We live in a world where success is always tied to the time. Every second counts if we want to be successful with the work we do. Especially, those of us who run a company have to be very careful about the way we use the time we have when engaging in company related activities. As a way of saving the limited time one has most of the companies these days are using the help of candidate finding firms to find the newest candidates to fill the positions they have.  

There are a couple of methods followed by any of the top candidate finding firms or recruitment agency in Bangkok when it comes to selecting its candidates.  

Basing the Selection on High Qualifications 

They are known as the top candidate finding firms in the field because they always provide companies with the finest employees for their jobs. It is not an easy task to do as this requires the candidate finding firm to find the finest candidates from among hundreds of applicants. To make matters easier and to make sure who they find are people they can present to their clients without fear, the candidate finding firm makes sure to base the selection on high qualifications. High qualifications are essential if the chosen candidate is going to be handling a really responsible job. 

Checking into the Background and the References  

With the finest candidates everything from project management in Thailand to reaching company goals becomes possible. However, for that you need candidates whom you can trust. Therefore, the candidate finding firm puts a lot of hard work into checking the background and the references of each candidate they are considering. Someone with problems with their background and references can easily be someone not reliable.  

Looking into How Well the Candidate Matches the Client Company Culture  

Some of the candidates have the highest qualifications and the perfect background. However, they still are not the ideal match for the company they go to. That is because their attitudes and work ethic do not match the attitudes and work ethic of the company. That is why the top candidate finding firms always make it a point to see if the candidate matches the company culture before presenting him or her to the company.  

These steps are all necessary to make sure every candidate a candidate finding firm presents to its clients is the best choice there is. When such steps are not taken the company is the one which has to suffer with bad candidates.